December the Fourth - Driving Home for Christmas

December the Fourth - Driving Home for Christmas

There are so many songs in the air at this time of year, and this one is always poignant, bringing back memories of the last day in work before my workplace closes for a week. And you may wonder if it's appropriate, but the sense of waitiing, and having to be patient in queues of traffice, echoes the true meaning of Advent, of hopeful expectation leading up to Christmas.

There is a shared bond, with fellow travellers.

And of the need for this traveller to, "Get my feet on holy ground."

To get back to church, perhaps for a nine lessons and carols, or a midnight mass.

I'm driving home for Christmas, yeah Get my feet on holy ground So I sing for you Though you can't hear me When I get through Oh and feel you near me Driving in my car

Driving home for Christmas Driving home for Christmas With a thousand memories

I take a look at the driver next to me He's just the same He's driving home, driving home Driving home for Christmas


Fr Andrew

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