Day 15 - Help us to help each other Lord

I sang this hymn from the age of 7 in school assembly, the words made an impression then and now. To the tune Dunfermline.

1 Help us to help each other, Lord,
each other's cross to bear;
let each his friendly aid afford,
and feel another's care.

2 Up into thee, our living head,
let us in all things grow,
and by thy sacrifice be led
the fruits of love to show.

3 Touched by the lodestone of thy love
let all our hearts agree;
and ever towards each other move,
and ever move towards thee.

4 This is the bond of perfectness,
thy spotless charity.
O let us still, we pray, possess
the mind that was in thee.

Hazel Tomkins

This versions is organ only to Dunfermline, I couldn't find a sung version. 

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